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Maximising Your Exposure on Wattpad: A Beginners Guide

By 28 April 2024May 4th, 2024No Comments4 min read

As a writer, getting your work noticed can be a challenging process. There are countless competitors out there, all after your attention from an audience that is constantly bombarded with options. Fortunately, platforms like Wattpad offer a unique opportunity for writers to connect with readers and build a community for their work. But with so many writers on the platform, how can you maximise your exposure and get your work in front of the right readers? Here is a guide on helping to build your audience with Wattpad. 

Be Consistent and Persistent

I can’t stress this enough. It’s important to be consistent and persistent when promoting your work on Wattpad. This means regularly uploading new chapters or stories and engaging with your readers. Timing doesn’t matter as much as frequency. Want to post on Tuesday afternoon or Friday morning? That’s fine, but be sure to post at least once a week. Building a readership takes time, but consistency is the key.

Complete your stories

If you’re currently reading this and have only shared a few chapters of your story, I encourage you to take a step back and focus on completing it before seeking an audience. It’s unlikely that people will be interested in reading a story that lacks a substantial body of work. Personally, it was only when I reached the middle of my second story that I began to attract a readership. Therefore, it’s important not to anticipate a large influx of readers if you don’t have any completed content to offer them. Focus on your story, then your audience.

Optimise Your Profile

This means creating a compelling bio that accurately reflects your writing style and the genres you write in. You should also consider using a professional profile photo and cover photo and think about including an interesting description in your profile to entice readers.

Engage with the Community

Wattpad is all about building a community around your writing, so it’s important to engage with other users on the platform. Follow other writers in your genre and leave thoughtful comments on their work. Join writing groups or participate in writing challenges to connect with other writers and promote your work. There are plenty of Discord channels or Subreddits that can help you connect with other readers and writers.

Use Wattpad’s Features to Your Advantage

Wattpad offers several features that can help you promote your work and increase your visibility. These include:

Tags: Use relevant tags when uploading your work to make it easier for readers to find.

Chapter-by-chapter release: Consider releasing your work in increments, rather than all at once, to keep readers engaged and coming back for more. Wattpad has a scheduling feature to assist with this now.

Wattpad Reading Lists: Use Wattpad’s Reading Lists feature to curate lists of your work and organize it by genre or topic.

Promote Your Work on Social Media: While Wattpad can help you build a readership, it’s also important to promote your work beyond the platform. Consider sharing links to your Wattpad profile or individual works on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also connect with other writers and communities within your genre to help build your following.


Wattpad offers a unique opportunity for writers to showcase their work and build a community around their writing. By completing your story, optimising your profile, engaging with the community, using Wattpad’s features to your advantage, promoting your work on social media, and being consistent and persistent, you can maximise your exposure and connect with the right readers for your work. Happy writing!

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