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I have a love for damsel in distress stories, but I find even greater joy in my damsels not always getting rescued at the last minute. Come along on an exhilarating ride as I subject my characters to relentless challenges and obstacles, pushing them to their limits before they finally grasp their well-deserved happy endings. Get ready for a thrilling ride packed with resilience, growth, and the triumph of self-discovery.

The Wolves and the White Bird

When Cora, a young woman with the gift of healing, is taken captive she goes on a harrowing journey through the amazon rainforest with the alluring and mysterious Alpha who is determined to save his brother’s life at all costs.


Riley’s two older brothers do everything they can to protect her from their violent step-father. But what happens when they realise she wasn’t as protected as they thought. Will her brother’s find out the dark secrets she has been hiding? And can she break free from her inner demons?

Falling Up

Two years after the traumatic events of the past, Jason and his siblings, Riley and Noah are finally getting their lives back in order. With Jason meeting up with the new mysterious Tyrus, Riley facing new obstacles at college, and Noah fighting his own inner demons, are they all really at peace or are the memories of the past starting to catch up to them again.

Emerald Chains

When a young college student is taken captive by a deranged billionaire she must learn how to survive in his psychotic world of torture while trying to escape from the crime filled world around her.

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